Retreats at Gut Ulmenbründl

Enjoy free space and a relaxing environment

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is a daily challenge to establish and maintain a connection between yourself and your horse. External influences often create additional obstacles along the way.

We meet the wish of many horse owners for more freedom and a break to find trust, connection, and harmony with their own horse during retreats at Gut Ulmenbründl.

  • Discover natural communication and new perspectives
  • Finding harmony
  • Confidence and calm in all dealings with your horse
  • Interest and joy on both sides in the training
  • Serenity in everyday life
  • Ease of free work, groundwork, riding, walking, and trail riding

The retreats take place in a small, family setting for only one owner with his horse. This ensures that discovering your individual path comes first.

5-day retreat

5 days with 2 private units per day: The focus is on discovering your personal potential and on the feeling of enjoying life that arises when you are connected to your horse. (Mon-Fri)


6 nights at Gut Ulmenbründl (arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday, to arrive in peace and enjoy the break to the fullest)

Breakfast is available and we strongly advise you to explore the surrounding restaurants and cafés, and cooking with produce from locally sourced farmers (you have got a fully equipped kitchen in your apartment).

Accommodation for your horse at Gut Ulmenbründl incl. hay and straw ad libitum, oats, and muesli: In order to build a relationship, it is essential that you take care of and meet the needs of your horse yourself.

Pets are very welcome, but they must be compatible with other animals (dog, cat, horse, rabbit, chicken).


Available dates:

April 2-8, 2023

May 7-13, 2023

June 4-10, 2023

Price: €2,450