Coaching in everyday life

Online coaching for horse and owner combined

The fact that the wishes of horse owners and their horses often differ, is a common picture in many riding stables. Most horse owners want nothing more than a trusting, relaxed and fulfilling relationship with their horse.

On the way to a bond between a horse and its owner, I will support you with online coaching.

  • Discover natural communication and new perspectives
  • Find harmony in your horse and owner relationship
  • Confidence and calm in all dealings with your horse
  • Interest and happiness on both sides in the training
  • Serenity in everyday life
  • Ease at free work, groundwork, riding, walking, and trail riding

In order to be able to optimally support this process, the units take place online. This allows the everyday situation (in which normally no stranger is standing nearby and talking) to be optimally analyzed and improved. We can also counteract the classic situation „If the trainer is there, it works and if we are alone, none of it works“. Regular units encourage the fastest way to achieve your goal.


  1. Online coaching: First assessment and concept development

Horse owner: Submission of one or more videos with a maximum total length of 15 minutes. Of course, it is super practical if you have someone to film it. In practice, however, it has been shown that a phone/camera that is set up provides a better service since the everyday situation is not disturbed by an additional person. If you want to take pictures while walking, you should have someone with you. Please send me a frontal video of the cleaning where you both can be seen. In addition, at least one training sequence (groundwork, riding, going for a walk, leading, free work, long reins, etc.). The videos should show everyday situations that you often experience. So, if you ride very infrequently but do groundwork almost every time, your videos should be mostly groundwork sequences. It doesn’t matter if it works well or not, it’s just important that the videos reflect your everyday life.

Important: At this point, I don’t want to know what your wish is for me. This is the basis for me to make an unbiased assessment. Please fill out the questionnaire, but do not send it to me for the same reasons. However, it is important that you have already completed the questionnaire before I send you my first assessment. So you can think about yourself and what you want in the future.

Larissa: I will then send you my initial assessment of your strengths and areas to improve on

Horse owner: Please give me feedback with your opinion on my first assessment. Do you agree with it? Do you have the same/similar opinion? If so, great! This is the basis for our further cooperation and we can start. Please send the questionnaire.

Larissa: Comparison of the first assessment and the questionnaire. Developing a concept: What are your strengths? What are your wishes? How can we use your strengths to achieve your goals? What potential do you have? This concept guides us through our coaching sessions and helps you to keep an overview of our coaching sessions.

All of the following coaching sessions: Live or video analysis (90 minutes, approx. 45 minutes with your loved one)

Here we go! The next step is to find a suitable implementation of the solution (from the concept or current topics) for you. For this purpose, experiments can and should be carried out. However, the focus is always on developing a common language. For example, it makes no sense to work on lunging if your horse shows uncertainty when being led away from the herd and grooming beforehand. Possibly leaving it alone while lunging, far away from you, on the circle is not conducive to the self-confidence of your darling and the trust between you. With each coaching, you can choose between online live coaching or video analysis. Here you will find the variants described:


Live (90 minutes): As always, the focus is on your communication with each other. We can try out different solutions. We use the training concept to look at the individual areas separately without losing track. The training concept, which I adapt and update after each coaching session, serves as a guide between our coaching sessions.

You do not need to prepare your horse before this coaching. In the best case, I can accompany you from the stable to the grooming area into the arena. At the beginning of the unit, we calmly discuss what the goal of the coaching will be and what solution we would like to try. Then we will look for a place together where you can set up your mobile phone (connected to my laptop via Zoom) for filming. Alternatively, you can ask someone to film you.

Important: Please make sure your phone is charged + take a power bank with you, headphones with microphone

Video analysis: have the advantage that we can look at the sequences precisely and, if necessary, several times. The horse’s reaction is often worth watching several times. This allows me to give more precise feedback, you can train your eyes better and observe the communication between your horse and yourself closely. These coachings have very special advantages, so I like to divide them into two types:

  1. We watch the videos together and analyse them together as part of the coaching.
  2. You send me one or more videos with a maximum total length of 30 minutes. I watch the videos alone, analyse and comment on them and send feedback back to you with a suggestion on how to proceed.


Individual coaching € 140

Since we really appreciate the benefits of regular support, we offer the following prices based on monthly billing:

1 coaching/month – € 120
2 coachings/month – € 220
3 coachings/month – € 300
4 coachings/month – € 360